Tight Vac – 0.29L

Tight Vac – 0.29L

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Tightvac containers help buds retain a better taste and smell.

Tightvac | 0,29 l | Solid

  • 0.12 Litre
  • Coloured Plastic
  • Smell proof

Tightvacs have the easiest open and close system of any container on the market!

Creates a vacuum seal – keeping oxygen out and allowing no air into the container – keeping your products ultra clean and fresh.


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Be on the safe side with odor-proof vacuum containers

Are you familiar with this situation? You’ve gone on a huge shopping spree and now it’s time to transport the goodies home as discreetly as possible? No problem with the airtight storage containers by TightVac.

Thanks to their patented system, unwanted odors remain sealed off from the outside world. At the same time, the oxidation process is stopped and the contents stay fresh longer. Ideal for all kinds of herbs!

Smell proof * Air Tight and Super Water Resistant – Sucks out air as cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal – Super cool modern design – Keeps food and herbs ultra fresh – Extremly strong and durable – Push button down and pull off – Its that easy! Vacuum Seal the Deal!! Minivac.

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