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Rizla Ultra Slim Filters

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Ultra Slim Rizla Filter Tips come in packets of 120 tips, perfectly pre-cut. Rizla Filter Tips ensure a better smoke and an easier roll too.
If you roll your own cigarettes we would recommend that you always use filter tips. Filtering out the unwanted toxins and chemicals decreases some of the adverse effects of smoking.
We are becoming more aware of the effects of smoking these days. Hand-rolled cigarettes are less harmful than pre-rolled cigarettes and making filter tips a part of your hand-rolling routine ensures an even more sensible smoke!
Ultra Slim Rizla Filter Tips are the top choice for many smokers. They are well cut and the ideal constitution for keeping their shape whilst doing a fantastic job of filtering your smoke. Ultra Slim Rizla Filter Tips are 5mm wide by 14mm long.
Ultra Slim Rizla Filter Tips come in a protective packet, the same size as a packet of 10 pre-rolled cigarettes.

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