OCB X-Pert Kingsize (Rubberband)

OCB X-Pert Kingsize (Rubberband)

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OCB – X-Pert might just be the classiest paper there is. Ultra-thin and transparent yet slow-burning, these papers use natural Arabic gum and so only need be licked lightly to seal them.

They are the same length as the Slim range from OCB, but these X-Perts are 5cm (50mm) wide for those smoking veterans out there who like to roll them long AND fat. The extra wide paper also allows you to fold the paper at an angle from the roach-end to form an almost triangular shaped paper after tearing off the excess which aids the coning effect of your roll.

OCB – X-Pert Papers also come with an attached elasticated band which wraps around the dapper silver packet and keeps the papers secure. These papers are certainly not for the inexperienced or clumsy handed.

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