Were back, with a vengeance

Back in 2012, HeadShopMalta was born to be the first online store and supplier of smoking products such as marijuana paraphernalia within the Maltese Islands. Having said market still considered a taboo, online was the only option. As time rolled, and the market started opening up more to the idea, the first HeadShopMalta physical store was opened in Hamrun

This last decade has been a learning curve to our team, whereby we created many relationships with both suppliers and as well customers. Come 2022, and a new legislation has finally come into force, whereby one is allowed to grow marijuana (4 plants) and will not be considered a crime to carry (up to 7 grams) or have at home (not more than 50 grams). More than that, anyone with past simple possession criminal cases, will have the opportunity of having their police conduct wiped clean.

With the above in place, we have now extended from the headshop market to the grow market, where we supply all sort of supplies and accessories for any individual to grow his own plants.

Further than that, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary we have launched a rebranding process moving from our classic skeleton logo to a more pro-life logo. We have as well launched a new website and shortly launching our online app.

But this wasnt enough. In order to be closer to our customers, we have as well launched a franchise investment scheme, where entrepreneurs with knowledge in the marijuana industry are given a license to open store under the HeadShopMalta brand.


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