Lemon Haze (3 gram jars) 21.7% cbd

Lemon Haze (3 gram jars) 21.7% cbd


SATIVA DOMINANT (21.37% cdb) (.19% cbd)

One of the classics in Amsterdam for the past 10 years, and still the best selling weed strain on the menu.

Our lemon haze is a fresh strain with nice haze flavours.

The weed smells sweet and herbal, with fresh picked lemons. A perfect smoke for during the day.

Due to its sativa, it gives you a good high


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In this day and age cannabis is becoming globally accepted.

It is not seen as a drug anymore and it is stepping out of the shadow into the light. Cannabis is not for stoners, people see now that smoking cannabis is a social thing. People coming together to chill and smoke and share the same interests. The old hippies already knew this and that is why they where the happiest and most stress free generation that has ever lived. Finally the time has come and cannabis is losing it´s stigma. Pretty soon the world will be ready to have those good times of relaxing with friends back again. Ultimate cannabis is trying to help to make this dream possible. We are making the product into a brand that people know, love and accept as being a normal part of life.


Our products are all organic grown, pesticide free and non GMO.

All our strains have been grown by some of the best growers from Amsterdam.

We select our weed by hand according to size, look, smell and quality.

Every nice and tasty bud that makes it through our selection is packed in a vacuum tight packaging to keep the freshness for you to enjoy some of the best weed in the world.

The same goes for our pre rolls, they contain the best cannabis in the world.

Handrolled to perfection with an very constant quality.

Only the best weed can participate in our products.

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