Bongs and Pipes

As more people come to know the joy of cannabis, a looming question presents itself. Which is better for new smokers; bongs or pipes? Let’s do a breakdown.

On the one hand, pipes offer total portability, ease of use, and discreetness – they are the perfect tool for on-the-go smoking. Then there are bongs. Not as portable but more versatile and easier on your throat.

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For simplicity, nothing beats the classic pipe. Pipes are the fastest way to go from bag to buzz – just toss a little piece in and light it up. Pipes are also smaller and more portable in general, and generally have:

  • Lower investment cost
  • More durable materials
  • Better portability
  • More discreet

For the budget-conscious, pipes are generally a smaller investment. Like getting one’s first pair of prescription glasses, learning to handle and protect a new accessory takes getting used to. With pipes, at least, the cost of an accidental break is generally far less than replacing a bong, and usually harder to break too.

Perhaps one of the most appealing pipe types is the one-hitter, ideal for beginners with a low tolerance level. The appearance often mimics a cigarette, making it a stealthy option as well as a cheap one.

But all of this is not to sell pipes short. Pipes are just as important as any other accessory in your smoking stash. They provide convenience and portability that other accessories just don’t. We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing the cheapest pipe available just to never use it because the smoke is too hot and residue keeps filtering into your mouth.

That said:

There are ways to purchase a higher quality pipe without having to invest a ton of money. In fact, there are very affordable options that will keep you happy for a long time.

Higher Quality Pipes

In the higher-quality end of the spectrum, pipes have a wide range of features, styles, and materials. But if cannabis is going to be a long-term companion, spending a little more can open up a host of options, as we briefly touched on before.

Why settle for a hot hit from a pipe when the best of both worlds is available? Mini-bubblers are pipe-sized pieces, perfect for travel, and offer bong-hit smoothness with water filtration. Or if you’re a bit clumsy or carry your pipe around a lot, then an unbreakable pipe is the way to go.

The best pipes not only feature state-of-the-art filtration, but often include features like sealable tops to prevent spills, and built-in tool storage, for easy cleaning.

And then you have items that seem to tick all the boxes when it comes to beginner smokers; An affordable price tag that promises durability and quality hits, a compact body, a glassy design, a protective carry sleeve to protect it from clumsy hands, and a tapered glass form that adds sturdiness to the piece.


Bongs are one of many types of water pipes, but definitely, the first one you’ll encounter when you take your first steps as a cannabis consumer. While bongs may lack the ease and portability of a regular pipe, they make up for it with so many more cool features.

Water filtration makes smoke cooler and smoother on the lungs, something that new smokers will certainly appreciate. Bongs are characterized by:

  • Providing cooler smoke
  • Filtered hits that are easier on the lungs
  • Creative designs

Bongs are bigger than pipes, so yes, they usually have a higher price tag. But the saying “You get what you pay for” holds true for smoking accessories like anything else. Smoking out of a bong not only feels smoother, but it’s also more visually appealing.

Filling up a chamber of smoke and watching it disappear, what smoker doesn’t enjoy that? Gauging the size of a hit, important as a smoker learns their limits, is much simpler with a bong. While this might sound like a difficult thing for a newbie smoker to judge appropriately, some bongs make it easy and practical for beginners to learn.

Finding a piece that a consumer can connect with is important. Like a new car, it’s worth a little extra to find that piece that fits one’s life and style perfectly. Luckily, as you would have it with pipes, you may also find bongs for a fraction of the price that doesn’t compromise on quality or design.

Higher Quality Bongs

The best feature of a high-quality bong is versatility. Many premium bongs have universal joints and interchangeable pieces. This means that bong smoking is highly customizable. You have the option of adding a chiller coil, ice catcher, an extra percolator, or switching the bowl to a nail for concentrates without having to purchase an entirely new system.

You’ll also find quality pieces at a fraction of the price if you go with a unit made with cheaper materials like the silicone bong. Unbreakable, foldable, and easily portable, this bong saves money in more ways than one, as many are now fairly inexpensive.

But if you ask us, we’re big fans of glass bongs. Not only because they feel and look nicer (to us at least) but because they inevitably provide a better smoking experience. Regardless of how much effort is put into silicone or acrylic designs, glass bongs will remain top dogs for a long time.


You have many options to choose from that may mimic the positive attributes of silicone or acrylic while still using mainly glass.

In the end, which type of smoking piece is better depends on the consumer and their needs. If portability and simplicity are the priorities, pipes tend to be the way to go. For filtration and dependability, bongs tend to rank on top.


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