Arabian Quick Lite Charcoal

Code: 90338

Weight: 80g

Brand: Tree House

Dimentions: 140mm

Quantity Per Pack: 10

Quantity Per Box: 8

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More Information

Arabian Quick lite Charcoal are a new high-quality quick-lighting hookah coal. These clean-burning shisha charcoals are perfect for the hookah smoker that prefers the convenience and ease of a quick lighting hookah coal - and are perfect for travel as well! Lighting Arabian Quick Lite Charcoal is super easy! Using a pair of hookah tongs, hold one or two pieces over a flame from a torch lighter or a standard cigarette lighter (make sure to do this outdoors or in a well ventilated area). The coal will begin to spark, and in less than a minute the sparks will completely cover the coal. Place the glowing coals on the tray of your hookah and wait for them to turn completely white before placing them on your hookah bowl. Each clean burning charcoal piece will last up to 60 minutes and will not produce a chemical taste or smell associated with other quick-lighting hookah coals. Ignite coals use a vegetable-based accelerant and are specifically made for easy and convenient hookah smoking.

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